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About Us

About AimHigher

AimHigher Web was founded to help bring small businesses and technology together, ensuring everyone can get their business’ online.

We specialise in building out your online experience from start to finish. We know that every business needs a bit of extra help with the various elements that go along with making your business shine online. AimHigher has a vetted list of industry partners that can take care of everything from branding to blog writing.

You know your business best, and we know the web. Let us help you, and leave you to focus on what you know best!

About Amy

Our founder Amy Kapernick grew up in rural Queensland where most people she knew had small businesses. While those businesses started to look into getting themselves online the barriers to entry stop them in their tracks. Something had to change…

Amy wears many hats as a web developer, business owner and conference speaker. She regularly shares her knowledge with her peers and the next generation of developers. Through mentoring, coaching, teaching Amy loves feeding into the tech community any way she can.

Industry Partners

AimHigher has it’s specialties, our super powers if you will but this world is full of superheroes just like us & we take great pride in the fantastic network of industry partners we work with to take AimHigher’s service to the next level!

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